Sunday, October 31, 2010


My words pour out from the hurt and pain I've been through this year. I've had to walk this lonely path alone for awhile now, have taken everything that was thrown at me. I'm still standing and nothing can bring me down. Sometimes I stop and hope that for once it just wasn't me against the world, but something more like you and I against the world.  But I don't have a you, so I go on as just the I and keep taking what life throws at me. Sometimes you just have to walk the path alone.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Life

This is my life, no games, no shows. I feel I'm standing here alone. Its me against the world. I need someone, anyone to be there for me, to pick me up when I'm down cause sometimes I just can't get up by myself. They say that you came into this world alone and you're leaving it alone but they don't seem to see that you came into this world with half a heart and you're leaving it with a whole heart. Sometimes being alone is the best, but in the end a heart has to be whole again, sometimes you can't walk alone....