Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Then and Now

Then the words were said.
The warmth was inside.
After, feelings became.
The heat was blazing.
Now the words are lost.
The fire is out.

Walking through the forest of wants.
Many old faces with new faces.
The path long and tiring.
Echos of words long gone words.
Can barely walk now.
Losing sight now.
THe weight of the everything heavier.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Scars (Part I)

"Hey, Jason," said a classmate as he walked down the hall. Jason smiles showing his dimples. He was Mr. Popular. He played all the sports and was friends with everyone. He was just adorable. But there was something not right, something weird. He would always hid his hands. He would walk with his hands in his pockets as if he didn't want the world to see them. He didn't. He had these horrible scars on his hands. He never explained how he got them to anyone. It was too painful a memory to talk about. The scars reminded him of her, Lexi.


And as the rain poured down on us, I looked at her and realized I was looking at someone else. She wasn't the same. Her once beautiful brown hair was now a dark heavy blue, her clothes were tighter as if she wanted not to breathe. It didn't make sense to me. This wasn't the girl i had fallen in love with, she wasn't my best friend anymore, she was just some girl. She had changed, inside and out. The rain washed away all the make up and for the last time I glanced at her. I saw the girl, the one I fell for and then I walked away, far away, never to come back. She called out to me, but I couldn't hear her, all I heard was the raindrops washing her away.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Heart

My heart, a place hard to reach. Its a long dangerous path. One miss step and you're gone forever. One false move and you're dead to me. Many have come and gone. Some are too scared to even try. Those who make it, congrats to you. Welcome to the party.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What Your Mind Constructed 1st time Yay

I bet your wondering "Why is this Blog called "What Your Mind Constructed"?". Well if you ever notice sometimes while your waiting for the train or bus some weird and totally random phase pops into your mind. That is exactly what this Blog is about: what your mind constructed. Every week or so I'll post a blog about what my mind has constructed that week may it be a lyric, a poem, or even a short part of a story I might be writing. All you awesome people of the blogging world have to do is give your thought on my blog or tell me what your mind constructed. It can be a song, lyric, poem, story, anything basiclly. So I'll be back, hopefully before next week to give you what my mind constructed. See you then.

P.S. If you want to, you can totally start commenting what your mind has constructed.