Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Why do they say the past is the past when memories are still there to haunt you and taunt you? Why try to forget something that you once loved, cared about, had in your heart and mind? Why does the past haunt you, showing you your mistakes at every moment you lived, at every breath you take? Why live the past, when present looks so tempting? Why be scared of the future you hold in your own hands? Why be scared to face your past in the present? Everyday, at every moment? At breath?


  1. Dudett :p
    This is intense, I'd avoid answering these questions cause then it makes you question a lot of things...but the whole aspect of why? sometimes annoys me -.-

  2. Yeah I agree with anonymous.Although this make your brain hurt I think I understand most of it.You should be a book writer Julie I swear lol